Maiden Hair extensions

WEFT HAIR-18/60-Honey Blonde & Whitest Blonde 20 inch


Machine double sewn 

Weft Set

Our weft's are a veil of hair applied to create layering into your own hair to add volume, length or highlights.
We have worked out the hard part for you, Creating sizes to be applied to the hair working in a pyramid pattern smallest to largest. These wefts tie perfectly with our Silicon lined beads for Micro weft application.
Our machine wefts are made with the Highest quality Remy human hair.
We have choosen Machine weft for the reasons being, This precision ensures our wefts are always secured with the best quality stitches.  
Each set is Double Draw Remy  
Double sewn wefts 5pc ready to be installed.
100g of hair. 

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