Maiden Hair extensions



ABOUT MAIDEN SILKS Here at Maiden, we’ve done the hard work for you

Sourcing silk with only the best properties for your hair and skin. We promise that our premium silk pillowcases will result in less breakage for your hair and will have both your hair and skin feeling healthy and hydrated.


Hydrating Your hair and skin’s moisture and essential oils are retained with silk – a natural, breathable fibre. Maiden’s top-quality, pure mulberry silk helps maintain these natural properties.

Anti-Ageing Maiden’s premium long thread, 22 momme silk diminishes friction between your face and your pillow, helping to reduce sleep lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

Hypoallergenic The natural properties in silk can protect you from allergens you could be suffering from and aren’t even aware of, such as bacteria, dust mites and fungus. Experience the Maiden Silk difference!


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