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Extensions recovery!


We all try our best to care for our hair extensions, but sometimes the shampoo and conditioner isn’t suit to our hair.

As extensions don’t get any of your natural oil it is a must that we introduce extra moisture!

I can give my personal guarantee that these 3 products will change your life!


The Shampoo 

This shampoo smells absolutely delicious. It contains the ingredients to balance moisture, protect colour and reduce the effects of ageing on your hair. Why settle for dry, dull, damaged hair when you can have healthy, hydrated hair? If you are ready to balance your hair with a gentle shampoo that contains anti-ageing ingredients look no further than this shampoo. 

The conditioner 

is the ideal product for dry hair, giving it back that softness you've missed while maintaining an optimal moisture balance. ... The Integrity 41 blend has anti-ageing properties and will even protect hair colour.


The leave in treatment ( LIQUID GOLD ) 

This little number from Milk_Shake is the real deal. An intense leave-in spray treatment that literally does twelve of the things at once. Using the power of Vitamin A, and Muru muru butter, a natural source of fatty acids, both work to nourish, soothe and moisturise hair and scalp.


From overall repair, to maintaining your hairstyle, and banning frizz and split ends by smoothing cuticles, protecting from heat and UV, detangling, maintaining colour, adding shine, body, AND volume, this real deal Milk_Shake caters to caring for you hair extensions.


If your not using these products on your extensions your not doing them justice!


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