Maiden Hair extensions



Maidens Silky Soft Facial Cleansing Chamois

We love this silky soft, bacterial-resistant cleansing cloth by Maiden hair.

We recommend using it with your Miceller cleanser to effectively remove makeup and dirt with ease, leaving your skin super clean. This super-soft chamois moves smoothly over your skin to collect oil, dirt, makeup and pollutants. The chamois is non-abrasive, which means it won’t irritate your skin’s surface and makes it ideal even for highly sensitive skin.

Simply soak the chamois in water to soften before each use, and as well as removing cleansers, it can be used to remove masks and exfoliants.

After each use, rinse clean and hang it to dry thoroughly until firm, to prevent bacterial growth.

This hard-wearing chamois can be cleaned in your washing machine (we suggest weekly, depending on use) to re-use over and over.

We think you’ll love the Maiden Silky Soft Facial Cleansing Chamois as an essential addition to your beauty routine!


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