We’ve recently discovered the ‘life-changing’ GAME CHANGER in Magnetic Lash System and couldn’t wait to pass on our lash tech tips and tricks. No more wasting hours in front of the mirror trying to apply false lashes or accidentally gluing your eyes together!


The Maiden Magnetic Lash system contains Magnetising Eyeliner and three sets of Magnetic Lashes.


To apply these amazing magnetic lashes, simply apply the eyeliner first and then click the magnetic lashes in place!


To apply the Maiden Magnetising Eyeliner:


  • Cleanse your eyes so they are free from products such as moisturiser, makeup, or makeup remover.
  • To ensure the eyeliner sets correctly and doesn’t run, we recommend priming your eyelids first to create a matte base.
  • Shake the Maiden Magnetising Eyeliner to ensure it is thoroughly mixed.
  • Apply a thick line of the eyeliner (for a straight line and to remain steady, we suggest resting your elbow on a hard surface such as a table and your fingers or hand on your cheek while applying).
  • If you find it difficult to apply the eyeliner in one swoop, build a line from the inner to outer corners by starting from your mid-lash line and using short dashes as you work towards the outer eye. This will give you better control.
  • If controlling the consistency of the eyeliner with the precise tip applicator provided is an issue, try dispensing some of the eyeliner onto your hand and using a thin angled makeup brush to apply instead.
  • Make sure the eyeliner is thick enough to hold the magnetic lashes, particularly in the inner and outer corners. If needed, apply more than one coat of the eyeliner.
  • Make sure the magnetic eyeliner is thoroughly dry before applying the magnetic lashes.
  • For an extra glamourous winged eye effect, apply the magnetic eyeliner by dragging the applicator tip or makeup brush outwards from the eye in a diagonal line.  If needed, try using the end of your makeup brush, tape or a business card for extra precision and a perfectly straight line.


To apply the Maiden Magnetic Lashes:


  • If needed, use sharp scissors to trim the lashes to size, making sure not to cut off the outer magnets which stick on to the magnetic eyeliner. These end micro magnets are a longer length to allow for slight trimming if needed.
  • To ensure the lashes sit perfectly along your eye curve, bend the lashes to create a curve if needed.
  • Apply the lashes using your thumb and index finger or tweezers provided.


Removing the magnetic lashes:


  • Make sure to handle the magnetic lashes carefully when removing to avoid damaging the lash strip magnets.
  • Gently and slowly remove the magnetic lashes by carefully using your fingertips to lift the lash off the eyelid.




  • To re-use the magnetic lashes, the surface must be clean to ensure it connects with the magnetic liner.
  • Use a makeup remover and a cotton bud to gently remove any build-up on the micro magnets.
  • Allow to dry.

Need a touch-up during the day or night? (Particularly in summer or when wearing for prolonged periods). Easy – just carry your Maiden Magnetising Eyeliner with you in your purse, handbag or car.